Driving with U2GO™ will provide our drivers with:

  • Weekly electronic payments

  • Independence, flexibility and corporate support

  • Loans for purchasing new cars or fixing cars (*)

  • Discounts in selected car garages (*)

  • Bonuses and company ownership based on performance (*)

  • Referral fees and loyalty programs

  • Customer rides and delivery rides (e.g. food, medicines, parts, parcels, etc.) enabling our drivers to earn money from multiple sources of revenue.

  • (*) Subject to certain eligibility criteria

    As an example, the following chart describes the potential gross income our drivers can make based on an average $20 ride:

    Number of Rides Per Day Average Ride Day of Work Per Month Estimated Commission
    20 $20 26 $7,800
    20 $20 20 $6,000

    Please sign up by clicking in the link below and we will contact you for a personal interview and to address any questions you may have.

    Download App

    To open your personal account please download the mobile application on your cellular phone, create your account and enter the payment information.

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      The App will available to download in this Summer